Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Smoke City - Underwater Love

"One of the catchiest tunes ever used in a jeans commercial, by an English group with an Anglo-Brazilian singer who sings this particular song in English with a slight French accent, and Portuguese."

Check it out.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

One of the best tv shows ever

These two skits are from Mr. Show. Me, Jems, and Levison used to gather around the television every Sunday to watch this show in college. Its still fucking hilarious. The first video is called "I'll marry your stupid ass." The second is called "Nostradamus." The third one is called "Monster Parties - Fact or Fiction." SO FUCKING FUNNY even to this day. "OH MY LIFE...."

"Buckle the fuckup," this is the Nostradamus skit. Don't mind the gnashing of teeth.

Dr. Retarded in this skit is awesome. I think I may have found my halloween costume.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Another great band--The Notwist

I had forgotten about them. They came out with a great album in 2003 called Neon Golden. That and Turn on the Bright Lights was a soundtrack for part of the portion I lived in NYC. I saw they came out with a new album when I was at Park Ave. CDs this past weekend. Good to see they're still making great music. This album is called The Devil, You + Me. The first song is called Boneless. The second song is called Where in this World. Where in this World is particularly good because they seem to have incorporated the weird sounds that Telefon TelAviv are famous for in a more traditional format. My initial impression of this album is that its everything the Portishead album should have been, but wasn't.

Another new band--Miracle Fortress

I have been playing their CD called Five Roses for a solid two weeks now. Really, really good. They're called Miracle Fortress. This song is called Maybe Lately.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cool Song - Ampop "Youth"

Last.fm recommended this song to me and I have to say, I really like it. I found this live version of Youth from a show at NASA. Cool thing is that I've been to NASA. It's a nice venue. I am definitely going to check out Ampop's other stuff.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Radiohead's Interactive "House of Cards" Video

Radiohead does some cool shit. For instance, their new video. Here is the making of.

You can check out the interactive video here. Its pretty cool eye candy.

Source: Geekologie

Sunday, July 13, 2008

New Band Alert III - The Age of Rockets

They're out of NYC. They have a really unique way of incorporating electronics into their music, and their music consistently takes surprising turns. This song is called Avada Kedavra and the band is called The Age of Rockets. I really like it alot.

New Band Alert II -- The Library is on Fire

I found these guys too. They're called The Library is on Fire and the song is called Pink Rock. This song is awesome too. Not as fresh as Victorian Halls, but still very good. This is the complete song. Looking forward to an album by these guys too.

New Band Alert -- Victorian Halls

I just found this band. They're called Victorian Halls, and the song is called Tsk Tsk. I love it. This is only the promo. Takes a little for the song to kick in, but its badass.


The new Beck album is really good. I recommend it. In honor of Beck, below is my favorite song by him. Its called Steal My Body Home and is off of Mellow Gold. Enjoy.

Monday, July 7, 2008

My favorite song of all time

Its Don't Stop by The Stone Roses. Bet you thought I would say Radiohead, or The National, or the Libertines. Nope, gotta go with the dudes from Madchester. Their self-titled album is, I think, the greatest album of all time. It was released nearly 20 years ago and still doesn't sound dated. How many albums can claim that. Its not my favorite album of all time. There's a distinction between what I think is best and what is best from a more objective standpoint. Dave Clarke, the famous UK DJ, to this day, still ends every set with Fool's Gold. I never get sick of hearing Don't Stop.

Here's elephant stone off the same album. Freaking unbelievable. Doesn't top Don't Stop, but its still an unbelievable song.

Elephant Stone is such a great song, here is what it sounds like backwards. The track is called Full Fathom Five and is off the Complete Stone Roses CD--no collection is complete without it.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Steadily becoming one of my favorite Radiohead track

Morning Bell is steadily becoming one of my favorite radiohead tracks. Here's a great live version of the track. I also have to say that Kid A has probably become my 2nd favorite album by them, supplanting The Bends. The album has just continually grown on me and it sounds absolutely amazing on a great stereo system. Kid A is right there behind OK Computer.

This song kicks major ass

Its California Dreamin' off the new Wolf Parade album At Mount Zoomer. This is only about half the song. The whole song is about 5 minutes long--5 minutes of pure awesomeness. Couldn't find the full version on You Tube. Still have to listen to At Mount Zoomer a few more times to form a full opinion, but I love this song.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

An artist that slipped by me

Every once in awhile an artist slips by me. Between the blog reading, the music websites, the concerts, and magazine reviews, I don't find an artist for whatever reason. Sambassadeur is an excellent example. Another example is this guy. His name is Aarktica. Apparently he's been around for awhile. He makes haunting, slightly electronic, panoramic music. Below is a song called Drive. His best song is called Seventy Jane, but I can't find it anywhere. The bass line reminds me of a slowed down Four Ton Mantis by Amon Tobin. This song is called Drive Let me know what you guys think. I likey.

Here's another song. Its called A Wash A Sea Goodbye Its Me. Really fucking good too.

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