Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Can't Deny It Any More

As much as I have denied it to others and to myself, I have something I have to admit. I like female vocalists. I've been hiding from it for ages but I've come to realize that all the musicians I listen to again and again are female. Björk Guðmundsdóttir, 萨顶顶, Beth Orton, Sevara Nazarkhan, 王菲, Sarah McLachlan and now Camille (cam - EEE). Why have I been fighting this? I don't know, but it's out there and now I can move on.

Camille's new website has one of the most annoying interfaces I have ever encountered - flash developers need realize that an HTML version should always be offered, for bandwidth considerations and for sanity considerations as well. You basically navigate by clicking deeper and deeper into a "hole." Well, if you want to go back, flash sucks for that so you'll have to deal or figure the site out better than I could.

Anyway, I heard the song "Ta Douleur" off of one of her older albums, "Le fil," and to paraphrase Neo, "Whoa." Think a spunky Autour de Lucie/Natalie Imbruglia hybrid, add Björk circa Medúlla (one of the most underrated AND overrated Björk albums - Homogenic is still my favorite though I know she will come out with one better eventually - because critics praised it and panned it for all the wrong and right reasons, kind of like Radiohead's recent "In Rainbows" which everyone fawned on like it was the Second Coming or something) and add a pinch of Christmas advertising fashion jingle and you begin to approach Camille.

I haven't listened to her complete discography - though I have assembled as much of her stuff as I can handle monetarily at the moment - so bear that in mind. I may change my opinion as I listen to more of her work. But from what I have heard, I likes.

Here is the first Camille song that graced my ears. Maybe you will like it too.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Andy Warhol's Exploding Plastic Inevitable

So today I had the chance to check out a little of the Andy Warhol exhibit at the Wexner Center for the Arts. As I was walking by some of Warhol's time capsules I stepped into a small viewing alcove and heard Lou Reed.

A number of years ago my best friend introduced me to The Velvet Underground. One of the best bands to be introduced to ever. Anyway, I happened to find myself in the middle of "Exploding Plastic Inevitable" as "Heroin" started up. It one of my favorite Velvet songs and I thought seeing the "music video" just intensified my like for the song. So I'll share it with you all below.

Heroin starts about 4our minutes into this video.

Here is the start of the E.P.I.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Hasselhoff Experiment - Two Clever Videos

Hey guys, the following is taken straight from Amplifier (since I had never heard of The Hasselhoff Experiment before). I can't say I think I completely dig their sound - think a cross between Butthole Surfers and well, since they only have the drums and the guitar, the White Stripes (though that's a stretch since I haven't heard any blues-y tracks yet) - but I love these two videos!

It was only six months after forming in 1997 that Brendan Moran and Andrew Tolley released their self titled debut album 'The Hasselhoff Experiment' on vinyl as a limited 200 copy run, on the guitarist's label KATO MUSIC.

The album sold out within weeks, they toured both here and in Australia leaving a trail of hung-over, cigarette-stained swooning music nerds desperate to be experiencing such an impact. Then they got going.

The band won "Best New Act" at the b Net NZ music awards in 1998 and were quickly signed to Flying Nun, who have released the debut on CD and later the follow up 'Always Outnumbered, Alwaya Outgunned' a year later.

Along with their numerous b-Net awards and nominations, including 'Best Song', 'Most Outstanding Musician' (Brendan Moran) and 'Best Album', the band have also landed supports for internationals such as The Jesus Lizard, Tomahawk, The Melvins, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The 5678's, The Bangs and Magic Dirt.

Check 'em out:

What's The Deal With The Man In Red?

I love it when about 30 Seconds in a certain jolly fellow heeds the call o' nature on the hood of a car.

Drag Racer

Think Ronin on the cheap.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

This is the gayest song I've ever heard

The new Killers song, Human, may be the gayest song I have ever heard. I could not stop laughing when I heard it. Seriously, this song is fucking terrible. The chorus (and I'm not kidding) is, "Are we human?/ Or are we dancer? / My sign is vital / My hands are cold." So hilariously bad. I love it at the end when he queries "You've got to let me know / Are we human? / Or are we dancer?" Neither, you're one of the worst song-writers ever.

Good Song

I've been debating whether this song was blog worthy or not. I guess it is. The song is called Secret and it is by The Pierces who have an interesting story as sisters starting out in the country music scene when they were younger. They're now an indie band out of NYC. I think the song is just OK. Just haven't been exposed to much new and worthy music. I figure some people may like this song.

Monday, September 22, 2008

I like this song

Its called Northwestern Girls by Say Hi (F/K/A Say Hi to Your Mom). This guy is a good guitarist. Bonus points because the kids that did this video on youtube filmed it in orlando.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another New Band to check out

CORRECTION--This band is from Delaware and not the UK. Not sure why I thought they were from the UK. This is why I am not a journalist!

This is Spinto Band. They're out of the UK. The first song is called Summer Grof. A really funny video. I like the song too. The second song is called Oh Mandy. I like both of them.

This is Oh Mandy.

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