Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Hasselhoff Experiment - Two Clever Videos

Hey guys, the following is taken straight from Amplifier (since I had never heard of The Hasselhoff Experiment before). I can't say I think I completely dig their sound - think a cross between Butthole Surfers and well, since they only have the drums and the guitar, the White Stripes (though that's a stretch since I haven't heard any blues-y tracks yet) - but I love these two videos!

It was only six months after forming in 1997 that Brendan Moran and Andrew Tolley released their self titled debut album 'The Hasselhoff Experiment' on vinyl as a limited 200 copy run, on the guitarist's label KATO MUSIC.

The album sold out within weeks, they toured both here and in Australia leaving a trail of hung-over, cigarette-stained swooning music nerds desperate to be experiencing such an impact. Then they got going.

The band won "Best New Act" at the b Net NZ music awards in 1998 and were quickly signed to Flying Nun, who have released the debut on CD and later the follow up 'Always Outnumbered, Alwaya Outgunned' a year later.

Along with their numerous b-Net awards and nominations, including 'Best Song', 'Most Outstanding Musician' (Brendan Moran) and 'Best Album', the band have also landed supports for internationals such as The Jesus Lizard, Tomahawk, The Melvins, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The 5678's, The Bangs and Magic Dirt.

Check 'em out:

What's The Deal With The Man In Red?

I love it when about 30 Seconds in a certain jolly fellow heeds the call o' nature on the hood of a car.

Drag Racer

Think Ronin on the cheap.

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